How to Get Visa for Study in Europe

Are you thinking of studying abroad in Europe but don’t know how to get visa for study in Europe?  These days, earning your degree of it abroad has become a crucial tool for students to grow professionally and personally.  With over 5,400 universities, a safe environment, a cohesive higher education policy, and historical heritage and an amazing cultural, Europe mainland has a lot to offer you as a student.

On this article, Author explain the steps you should track to come study in Europe and give you some pieces of guidance on the vital factors to consider when preparing your overseas study experience in Europe.


Find out if you need a student visa for Europe, how to apply, and what papers you will be asked for.

  • Before applying for a student visa for Europe, you first necessitate to be accepted onto a course at a credited educational institute, and pay the register fees (this will be refunded if your visa request is rejected). If you are a worldwide student, you will then necessitate to contact your nearest Europe embassy or consulate in your nation. The embassy will assist you determine whether you require a student visa, and will guide you through the visa submission.
  • All the information concerning Europe visa applications can be found on the website of the Foreigners section of the FPS for Home Affairs, available to read in English, European, Dutch and. As a worldwide student, you’ll necessitate to apply for a national long-stay visa (D visa), that allows you to stay longer than 90 days in Europe.
  • The process to attain a visa for Europe varies depending on the Europe embassy you use. In general, however, you will necessitate filling in a visa submission form and submitting a submission fee along with all the required documents. Applicants from some nations may need to make a meeting with their embassy in order to make their application. It is also possible that some consulates will work with an external service provider who carries out most of the paperwork tasks – an additional service fee will be charged in this case.
  • If you now know that you necessitate a student visa for Europe, you should apply as soon as possible, at least three months prior to your move to the nation. To do this you will necessitate to contact the local Europe embassy in your home nation.
  • You will be ask to provide a valid passport, proof of acceptance, sufficient funds to cover your first year in the country and a recent health check. Dependent on the embassy, you may also necessitate to show evidence that you don’t have an illegal record.

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