Is Ireland a destination to study? if yes then which college should be chosen and why?

The Irish coffee and landscapes have for long been applauded and revered for their mesmerizing beauty. They have an enchanting quality in their imagery and can catch the eyes of all those who see it.

It is right that now Ireland can be viewed as one of the most lucrative study destinations in the world too. It is now been sought after by students as it is placed in the coveted European study
belt and is exposed to all its unilateral benefits as well. One gets to study in the leading education systems in the world and benefit from it as well. There are a wide array of options and courses and curriculums to choose from. There is undeterred access to the worlds most leading research and development initiatives and programs. One can achieve all that they want with ready employment opportunities and join hands with over 35,000 international students from 161 countries all over the globe.

If this is not enough these are the many reasons that can be seen in order to choose Ireland as the perfect study destination:

1) The friendliest and warmest of countries: Yes indeed this small nation has a big heart. The multiculturalism, acceptance and warmth of Ireland is unmatched. Its a beautiful little center of opportunities and making bonds of a lifetime.

2) Its English speaking: Language accounts for one of the most important things when it comes to finding for oneself a country for education. Ireland win on this hands down, one not only gets better education, but also in a medium that is globally accepted and well understood by us as Indians.

3) Home to the leading names: Its the home to one of the leading names in multinationals and big companies. There are a tonne of the globally highest names in commerce and trade that have their base and wings in Ireland. Thus you are covered with in terms of the gamut of options right ahead of you straight after education.

4) Cultural Hotspot: Ireland is Europe in a mini version and is a multicultural encompassing country. It has a little bit of everything, for everyone so that each person feels at home and can see a bit of themselves everywhere.

5) Great food! : Irish Cuisine is tagged as one of the most yummiest in the world, there is much beyond the world famous Irish coffee and a lot of more to serve your plate heartily with.

Seven Seas Education Consultancy tags Ireland to be one of the most efficiently constructive study destinations for students who are not only looking for a great opportunity but also for an overall experience in general.

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Canada Studies Benefits and Impact on Students

Canada initiates the vision of beavers, moose, multiculturalism, a thriving economy and the maple leaf. There possibly is more to this country than those iconic images.

Canada breathes in the air of freedom, opportunities and aesthetic beauty. It exudes the possibilities of a successful life, world class education and a country that takes your breath away the second you set your feet upon it.

There are various reasons for considering Canada to study and establish your education, here are some of the reasons:

Canada pledges supreme quality of education: Canada is one of the top 3 countries spending a high amount of their per capital income on education and welfare. They not only place a great emphasis on quality education but also gather the means to support it.

A bit of your home wherever you go: The state policies of the country have made it an amiable abode for people from all over the world. The students here are bound to feel at home because there is thriving multiculturalism and harmonious co existence of one and all. Canada truly is the world in a country!

The federals have your back: Canada is one of the most student safe places in the world. The excellent quality education is backed by the authorities maintaining the peace, comfort and security of students always. The international students will receive just the same advantages, with the added advantage of getting their paperwork to stay in the country, which can be obtained through leading names such as Seven Seas Education consultants.

Myriad options of education: There is a plethora of world class options to study and get a mastery in, in Canada. There are various combination courses available and all these at tuition fees that is generally lower than that of other countries. A leading brand of tutelage at a much lower cost.

All you need to do is get yourself connected with a leading name in education consultancy like Seven Seas Education Consultants who have for years had the experience in making dreams come true and writing success stories.

With there centre spanning across the country you can jump across the hurdles of time, space and opportunities to live the Canadian dream!

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The vital aspects of IELTS Coaching

The very first thing you will require in any other country will be an international language expertise. Without proper English understanding you cannot survive at all amongst the top leading contender. Many jobs in abroad asks a candidate whether it has passed the IELTS examination or not? If yes, then an interview is conducted or else the application is rejected for the vacant job position. Without taking a skill test how you could explain anyone that you are capable of attaining a course in the foreign state? Or you can serve an industry in another country without failing to communicate in English?


What is IELTS?

However, what is IELTS and how it works for you is essential to learn. Those who are looking for a higher education in life have to pursue the IELTS coaching. Hence, the full form of the IELTS is (InternationalEnglish Language Testing System). It is a kind of a course in which English language examination is followed upon the candidates with complete details and understanding of the grammar. The kind of ascents followed in different countries, the use of vocabulary, synonyms and how to frame a sentence are some chief key features which are covered by the IELTS coaching tutors in the entire course. There are global experts who have immense knowledge and certified to impart education to the students before the IELTS examination held at the centre.

This is a worldwide popular test developed by worlds most renowned and leading professional who are working in the sector of the language assessment. IELTS has gained a tremendous growth because of whichin the last year around 2 million tests were taken successfully. The reputation of this test is exceptionally prominent while it is accepted by the 9,000 and above organizations in the world. You can get an entry to a foreign school, firm, can avail immigration by taking the respective test efficiently.

Thus, communication skills are tested by using the one on one speaking tool. The real life communication with an expert is conducted online by which you either pass the test or fail. There is no other way to check a proficiency in English language.

Why required IELTS?

As above discussed IELTS is required for study in abroad and Immigration. Many companies could not judge a candidates communication as well as written skills in English until and unless he or she has pass some type of test. Due to the demand of different skill tests to get a cream layer of students and candidates, IELTS is created. Reading and speaking test is conducted online in front of the camera or face to face under the supervision of the highly skilled professionals. Written test is taken by the students in which all grammar and sentence framing features are included.Vocabulary test is taken further to explain that how much efficient you are in an English skills. Therefore, the requirement of IELTS is noticeable all over the world to judge and bring out the best candidates out of many to make the country’s economy explicit.

Benefits to take IELTS

It is necessary to take the IELTS coaching at a renowned and licensed institute so that you can get several job as well as college degree course opportunities in other foreign nations. You may speak some other language which does not work in other countries at universal grounds. It becomesvital to learn the English language in its deep study so that you can compete and pass the entrance examination for pursuing a course in a foreign school. You are able to stand in a crowd of many aspirants confidently. Companies as well as colleges look forward to give you the admission and job respectively.

What key categories included in the practice test?

In order to pass the IELTS examination you are supposed to pass some practice tests so that you can analyze that where yourEnglishskill stands. There is a list of factors which are considered in the practice test-

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

Hence, many candidates are unable to pass the test and eventually it becomes very important to learn and study English language thoroughly. Starting from the grammar, antonyms, synonyms, verbs, speech, sentence structure a coaching expert covers all the vital parts in a detailed format.

Who accept the IELTS?

In almost every developed and underdeveloped nation IELTS is accepted. There are organizations, university and immigration authorities which require a particular score that is requisite to gain after attempting tests. First of all, find out the score and then work accordingly. All employers, schools, immigration authority and professional bodies accept the IELTS. There are various registered websites which gives you the opportunity to find the score by using the search engine.

Why to choose seven seas for IELTS?

Seven Seas is a reliable platform for the aspiring candidates. It is an open door with stupendous opportunity to fly high. Grow in the sector of education and career by using the skilled tutorials and courses held at the centers. The coaching institute has all required educational tools, latest equipments and study materials for the students so that there can be a 100% success rate in the coming examination. If you have already attempted an IELTS and did not pass, then you can again apply for it but after practicing well over the test papers. ‘Seven seas’ is a web portal where you will be able to learn and augment in the field of language without struggling in life. It is a gateway to success which you have to decide.

Though, ‘seven seas’ is operating in New Delhi, India; it is globally active and have worldwide international students enrolled for the execution of the successful test after accomplishing a proper English language coaching. In case you are looking forward to search for an experienced coaching in your city, then you must checkout the ‘seven seas’ web portal. Contact now and get enrolled for better education and career scope in future.

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Benefit of Study In Germany

In recent years, India and Germany have improved their cooperation in education sectors.  Out of this, education is the most obvious connection between the two nations because we all know that most of the Indian students select Germany country for higher education respected around the world. More than 100,000 top worldwide researchers and students prefer to study in Germany country each year.

The educational system in Germany is very extremely regarded around the world, providing a broad range of globally recognized courses. The institution of higher education has a very high educational standard and a reputation for excellence especially in study-intensive fields.  There are numerous opportunities for extra-curricular activities, all within beautifully made campuses conducive to higher education.

Here are some of the most significant benefits for study in Germany:

The Best and Safest Place to Live

According to Worldwide Survey, Germany country has ranked as one of the top ten place to live in the world.  Its naturally welcoming environment promotes learning and lifestyle together. Country’s high standards of cleanliness, living, low violence and crime rates, high life expectancy make it the safest place for outsiders survive here.

Study-in-GermanyIllustrious Edification System

The Germany country gives great importance on learning and has made a first-rate education scheme not only for citizens but also for worldwide students.  A Germany country’s diploma, degree, or certificate is valued in every business circle around the world. Along with practical training, theory lectures which is extremely job-market focused is given to students. In this way, study in Germany opens door to worldwide job and career chance for long term.

Reasonable Education

High standard of education and living does not mean costly education and living fees. Cost of study and living in Germany is reasonable as compared to other nations.

Multicultural Society

Every year, more than 100,000 worldwide students from all over the world submit for a study visa for Germany. This figure includes students from all over the world with diverse language, culture,  and thoughts. This diversity forms a multicultural civilization in Germany. Thus, you can not only get a valued qualification, but also get an affluent experience form this multicultural environment.

Liberal Visa Rules

Taking benefit from alter considered from this year in Germany Study rules, Indian students extremely approaching their Germany study consultants for Germany visa. According to new regulations, now students can job in Germany for two years after finishing their degree that brings many career benefits to students.

For more knowledge about Benefit of Study in Germany, please visit  Study abroad Consultant.

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How to Get Visa for Study in Europe

Are you thinking of studying abroad in Europe but don’t know how to get visa for study in Europe?  These days, earning your degree of it abroad has become a crucial tool for students to grow professionally and personally.  With over 5,400 universities, a safe environment, a cohesive higher education policy, and historical heritage and an amazing cultural, Europe mainland has a lot to offer you as a student.

On this article, Author explain the steps you should track to come study in Europe and give you some pieces of guidance on the vital factors to consider when preparing your overseas study experience in Europe.


Find out if you need a student visa for Europe, how to apply, and what papers you will be asked for.

  • Before applying for a student visa for Europe, you first necessitate to be accepted onto a course at a credited educational institute, and pay the register fees (this will be refunded if your visa request is rejected). If you are a worldwide student, you will then necessitate to contact your nearest Europe embassy or consulate in your nation. The embassy will assist you determine whether you require a student visa, and will guide you through the visa submission.
  • All the information concerning Europe visa applications can be found on the website of the Foreigners section of the FPS for Home Affairs, available to read in English, European, Dutch and. As a worldwide student, you’ll necessitate to apply for a national long-stay visa (D visa), that allows you to stay longer than 90 days in Europe.
  • The process to attain a visa for Europe varies depending on the Europe embassy you use. In general, however, you will necessitate filling in a visa submission form and submitting a submission fee along with all the required documents. Applicants from some nations may need to make a meeting with their embassy in order to make their application. It is also possible that some consulates will work with an external service provider who carries out most of the paperwork tasks – an additional service fee will be charged in this case.
  • If you now know that you necessitate a student visa for Europe, you should apply as soon as possible, at least three months prior to your move to the nation. To do this you will necessitate to contact the local Europe embassy in your home nation.
  • You will be ask to provide a valid passport, proof of acceptance, sufficient funds to cover your first year in the country and a recent health check. Dependent on the embassy, you may also necessitate to show evidence that you don’t have an illegal record.

To apply for European visa and for more information about getting a visa to Europe, Study abroad Consultant.

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Study Visa for New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places in the world for studying. New Zealand offers international students vast opportunities for studying and making a career there. There are numerous reputed and internationally recognised educational institutions, English language schools, secondary school education and tertiary education providers. Once you get your student visa you can stay and study in New Zealand as a full time student for a fixed period of time. You can stay in New Zealand for a maximum period of four years on a student visa.

Here are some other things that you should know about student.

Length of Visa

Depending on your study program, the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) decides the length of your visa. There are three ways in which it is decided:

  1. If you are a student who has paid full fees then usually your duration of visa is same as the fees you have paid. If you have paid the fees for a year and your study course depends on New Zealand academic year then you may be granted a visa that expires on 31 March of next year.
  2. If the institution where you are studying has a Memorandum of Understanding with Immigration New Zealand (INZ), then you may apply for Length of Course visa.
  3. In case you have full scholarship or fees scholarship then your student visa is valid up till the period of your award, for a maximum of four years.

Part Time Study

Although you need to study full time to get student visa however you can study part time on a visitor visa if you meet the following conditions:

  • You will be staying in New Zealand to study for a maximum period of nine months
  • The New Zealand Qualifications Authority must have approved your education provider for accepting foreign students
  • You need a proof to show your tuition fees is paid
  • You meet visitor requirements for New Zealand
  • You can study part time also, if you are in final semester of a course that will give you points to qualify under Skilled Migrant Category and a New Zealand qualification.

Also, your parents or guardian can accompany you if are 13 years or less of age or are enrolled in years1 to 8 of school. They will have to apply for a guardian visa.

Visa for students sitting in New Zealand for distance learning course

You may be required to come to New Zealand for giving exams or practical study if you study under distance learning course. If your stay is less than three months, you can apply for visitor visa. However, if it is longer than three months, a student visa is required.

For both visas, you need to prove that

  • You are a distance education student
  • an educational institution has offered you a place
  • You have paid the tuition fees.

Complying with the terms of your visa

After getting your student visa you must comply with certain terms of your visa during your stay:

The place of study which is mentioned in your visa, you must attend your study programme there

  • you must live with your parent or guardian if they have come with you
  • You must be able to prove that you are meeting the attendance requirement and passing the course
  • You can only undertake work which is allowed under student visa
  • You must follow New Zealand’s laws
  • You must stay in New Zealand only for the period your visa is valid

Also while studying you can work for up to 20 hours each week and work full-time during summer vacation and on all scheduled vacations.

Getting a student visa for New Zealand is not difficult if you select the right study programme and fulfil all the requirements of visa.


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